The World From My Window: Ep 7 Megan Jayne Crabbe

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About This Project

This is the 7th illustration for TWFMW podcast featuring best-selling author, speaker, and digital creator MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE.

“In this episode Megan bravely invites us to look through her window, at a life that is inspiring thousands of people around the world to be happy with who they are, not striving for a version of themselves that other people want them to be. We talk about siblings, slowing down, and whether it might actually be society, and not us, that is the problem.”

About TWFMW:

“The world from my window” has started as a global anthology of stories from the time of isolation during the COVID- 19. It was founded by two friends Dan Boyden and Dan Shipton, in April 2020, gathering the stories from the lockdown sharing the experiences it has gained thousands of followers with the Instagram account. 

“The World From My Window is an unscripted show where we lead our guests through a conversation inspired by the process a writer takes when planning their work, with the aim of uncovering the true-life stories of our guests.We want to find out what the world looks like from their window, hear about the characters that have inspired them, the moments that have shaped the chapters of their life, what they have learned along the way, and even what the title of their life story might be.”

Until now the Podcast has invited such incredible personalities as Adebajo Bolaji, Thomas Knights, Julie Lindahl, Dom’n’ink, Stephen Jordan, and it will continue.

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