Hope Street – Red Thread

About This Project

This illustration has been developed as a key visual for the project “HOPE Street – red thread”. It is an initiative in part connected with the “World from My Window ” series.

This project is a part of The British Council’s UK – Sub Saharan Africa 2021 Cultural Exchange program, a new trilateral creative collaboration that brings together artists and communities from the UK, Sudan, and Ethiopia, to build the foundations of a piece that reflects back on the untold stories and experiences of ‘Hope Street’.

“In three different communities, in different geographical locations/socio-political/cultural contexts artists gather stories of hope, like delicate red threads.

They listen to first-hand experiences of how hope manifests “here” in spite of the conditions people are operating in, In places where tomorrow is not promised, where there is no certainty to orientate within, or where the facade of stability allows people to fall between the cracks of provision and care. They gather the threads of these stories together and weave something from their critical mass, drawing out themes, resonances, searching for anomalies amongst them – looking for the ingredients that manifest in communities of hope. They weave them into a gift for the storytellers, the hope bringers of this place.

Then the artists, travel out of their normal orbit to connect with other weavers on a moon that fuels all of their worlds to learn how hope manifests elsewhere and how the artist’s role, as a mirror, can amplify what we most need to connect us further.”

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