Sakura Leopard Scarf – New Size!

Sakura Leopard Sakura Leopard Scarf Design Sakura Leopard Scarf Design
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animals, Edo, fashion, floral, garden, illustration, japan, leopard, sakura, scarf, スカーフ
About This Project
It is a contemporary, rather pop, and elegant edition of a kimono design arranged on a scarf.
A beautiful and majestic with their funky coats, leopards are among the chicest animals in the world. Here the elegant leopard is “wearing” a cherry blossom pattern and is hiding in the clouds of cherry blossom, within the characteristic “wave” pattern. The cherry blossoms are a beloved symbol in Japanese culture. It is traditionally associated with “mono no aware,” which can be translated as the pathos of things – its awe toward exquisite and fleeting beauty, a sensitivity toward its impermanence.
I have studied the Edo period’s pattern books, and I was inspired by asymmetrically flowing and bold designs featuring animal and floral motifs. There is addicting intensity and richness in those designs and colors; they tell so many stories.


Available now from G&Silk, 70×70 & 100 x 100 cm, 100% Silk, hand-made in Spain.