Shishi Asobi from Lucky Charms Pocket Square Duo

"Shishi Asobi" G&Silk Pocket Square Duo "Shishi Asobi" G&Silk Pocket Square Duo
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About This Project

Shishi Asobi, Pocket Square Duo for G&Silk.

These pocket-squares are a little treasure box filled with auspicious symbols from Japan. Shishi, the guardian lion, a master of things and defender of law, is a sacred creature in Buddhism. It came to Japan f in the 7-8th century through Chinese Buddhism and symbolized prosperity, success, energy, and happiness. They are often pictured with a “Chu” or “Mari” – considered a Buddhist symbol or the source of life.”

The “Shishi Asobi” design is inspired by Japanese lacquerware inlaid with gold. The lions are pictured in a game with a ball resembling a soccer ball that is stylized as a “Mari“. Those ancient lions are chasing in a checkered space. This contraposition with Op Art gives the design a contemporary edition, especially with optical distortions and checkerboards so popular on the runways just now.

With such powerful symbols, these pocket squares are bound to bring only good luck next year. Great gift for the boyfriend, the father, and the husband!

2 x 100% Natural Silk Twill Pocket Squares. Both delivered in a box, hand-rolled edges, made in Spain. Size: 30×30 cm each.