The World From My Window: Ep 6 Maya Gadir

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About This Project

This is the 6 th illustration for TWFMW podcast featuring MAYA GADIR – Producer, Radio Host, Social Activist, and one of Sudan’s leading female voices.

“Now, more than ever is the time to be celebrating and amplifying, the stories of the people of Sudan. Recorded just weeks before the military tried to wrestle back power from the civilian-led transitional government, Maya walks us through the back streets of Khartoum and through the avenues of her own life. We talk openly about the complexities of living in the Horn of Africa, the power of young people, and the role art can play in helping shape our futures.”

About TWFMW:

“The world from my window” has started as a global anthology of stories from the time of isolation during the COVID- 19. It was founded by two friends Dan Boyden and Dan Shipton, in April 2020, gathering the stories from the lockdown sharing the experiences it has gained thousands of followers with the Instagram account. 

Until now the Podcast has invited such incredible personalities as Adebajo Bolaji, Thomas Knights, Julie Lindahl, Dom’n’ink, Stephen Jordan, and it will continue.

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