The World From My Window

About This Project

Illustration Design and Branding

“The world from my window” is a nonprofit project, a global anthology of stories of isolation from all over the world. It was started by two friends Dan Boyden and Dan Shipton during the COVID- 19 in 2020, gathering the stories from the lockdown. It continued with the next chapter called “DAWN,” with the stories of how the year 2020 affected our world, and it continues until today. The main idea behind the project is that storytelling has a healing power that helps to process what is happening to us and can support our emotional wellbeing. The project champions mental health awareness and is a tender and welcoming place for all kinds of stories.

I had the pleasure to create illustrations and branding for this nonprofit initiative. Please read more about it in my blog post

The concept for this design was based on the initial idea of an isolated bubble, from which we observe the world around us. Each bubble is a single point of view, a single narration that creates a universe. It emphasized the early stage of the project when many cities went into lockdown and many people around the world struggled with loneliness, anxiety, and fear. TWFMW collected the stories and thus connected the people creating a living community via Instagram and the web.



IG: @the.world.from.my.window


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