Edo Safari Scarf Design

Edo Safari Scarf
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animals, Edo, fashion, floral, garden, illustration, japan, leopard, sakura, scarf, スカーフ, 桜
About This Project
Edo Safari Scarf Design.
“Edo Safari” is a journey to Edo period Japan.
I played here with the meaning of the word Safari. A wild leopard represents the idea of a journey to experience animals in their natural habitat. However, this time does not take us to a savanna but a Japanese garden; we will not watch animals but the patterns. The composition invites us to explore the pattern designs of Edo Japan, which are sampled on the tree motifs. I play with the tradition here, trying to give the designs a more recent edit.


Edo Safari Scarf is now available from G&Silk. 70 x 70 cm, 100% Silk, handmade in Spain.