100 x 100 cm Cashmere
Handmade in Spain
Snow Leopards Scarf is available at G&Silk

"Snow Leopards" is a vibrant design that takes us on a journey to Central Asia to meet the Snow Leopards. In this artwork, snow leopards are depicted as precious jewel-colored deities living proudly between heaven and earth. The borders are decorated with patterns inspired by ethnic textiles from people living in the Himalayas mountains.
In many works of my works, I am referring to animal symbolism in different cultures. Since the very beginning of image-making, humans have used animal symbols to express themselves and their beliefs. Heraldic art, patterns, embroideries, cave paintings, totems, etc... were all used to describe our attitude toward nature and ourselves.
A few months ago, I was watching a documentary about snow leopards with my family. I got mesmerized by those beautiful cats. They live a very lonely life in the highest mountains of the world in Central Asia. Snow Leopards are symbolic animals for many cultures from the area, carrying deep cultural meanings: a sacred animal, national icon, talisman, a mountain spirit. According to the shamanic views, the leopard is the representative of the higher heavenly forces on earth. It became a totem, an ancestor, and the protector of the family. Sadly the population of those beautiful animals is dropping, which makes them more cherished.

Original artwork
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