Painting “Metamorphosis”

Here is a process of painting “Metamorphosis” in traditional Japanese technique NIHONGA.

I am using here mineral pigments on paper. The time-lapse roughly shows the process that take up to few days.

  1. “骨書き Kotsugaki
    Linework in ink using “面相筆 menso fude” line brush
  2. “隈取り Kumadori
    Shading in ink with “隈取り筆 kumadori fude” shading brush.
  3. 水干絵の具 suihi enogu
    Painting the background with colorful pigments and then layering with deep purple “古代紫 kodai murasaki” .
    with mud pigments “水干絵の具 suihi enogu” using色彩筆 shikisai fude” color brush and “平筆 hira fude” flat brush.
  4. “胡粉 gofun”
    Filling the shapes with “胡粉 gofun” (chalk).
  5. “岩絵の具 iwaenogu
    Layered colorwork with mineral pigments “岩絵の具 iwaenogu” and gold pearl pigment “パール金”.

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