Find me on Patternfield App

Find me on Patternfield App

I am pleased to let you know my designs are now available for viewing on the Patternfield App, a new platform that allows my clients to view all my new work.

Just search: “Karolinko” or “Karolina Sato” in the app’s search bar to find me.

Patternfield App is revolutionizing the way buyers and artists work with each other. It is the first platform to connect artists and designers with art buyers around the world. Think of it as a global surface art trade show, that is taking place all day, every day, and all you need to attend is your phone. As soon as I upload my designs, they are visible for you to see. How exciting is that?

Of course, I will always have larger images for viewing on my website or portfolio, but I have recognized this app for what it is – a really simple way to keep buyers updated with my new work.

My Patternfield landing page

For buyers and clients, there are no sign-up fees or monthly subscriptions, you simply apply to register, create your profile on the app and start browsing art for your business. 

The Founder of the App is Nerida Hansen from Melbourne, Australia, and she is bringing a lot of industry insights to the design community through regular App emails to designers and buyers or client subscribers. 

If you want to know more about Patternfield App, there is information on the website www.patternfieldapp.com or you can contact their team info@patternfieldapp.com