Heaven is high and the world is wide and we have unlimited possibilities. I would like to imagine myself as one who can change the energy around by adding a creative spark.
I am an artist and designer, born in Poland, living in Tokyo. I work in watercolors, Japanese ink and pigments and digital techniques. I enjoy traditional mediums as much as new and find the crossroads very inspiring. However, I believe that no digital medium is capable to maintain as much information as analogue. In my work I love to observe how particles of pigment play in water, how strokes of brush create the structure to the color. My style is influenced by Japanese style painting, sumi-e, decorative art and folk art. I am interested in art, design and cultural anthropology, my themes come from in-between culture and nature. I paint, make patterns and surface designs and multi media art installations.
I have been working designer, illustrator and art director with clients such as The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo, Sony Digital, Toyota, Nikon and many others.
Besides painting I like reading, riding horses, spend my time in nature surroundings.
Some of my prints are at Society6: https://society6.com/karolinko
I am available for art work 

Thank you!
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